Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

These days, it seems like every day is a new opportunity to get your home in order. But with spring comes the opportunity to start afresh for the new season, to deep clean those areas of your home that might have been neglected over time. But spring cleaning can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start.  If you're looking for some motivation and a solid low stress  plan this Spring Cleaning Checklist will be just what you need to avoid the overwhelm of the spring cleaning season. 

  • Closets & Drawers 

  • First, closets and drawers are a great place to start. They are the dark and forgotten places that often get neglected. The best thing is to pace yourself and set a week to work on the whole house closets and drawers of every room first. Do one or two drawers a day or one closet a day, this helps eliminate overwhelm. Do not worry about the rest of the house yet just focus on this task. It will change the whole feel of your home. 

    • Start by simply taking everything out. Take a look at everything as you pull items out, being mindful as you make keep or get rid of piles. 
    • Take time to wipe down the closets and drawers while empty.

  • Living Rooms and Dens

  • Always start from the top down in all rooms. 

    • First, dust ceiling corners, walls, and ceiling fans. 
    • Remove curtains to steam clean, or wash. 
    • Wash down windows and blinds. 
    • Dust furniture & floor boards.
    • Clean floors while moving the furniture you can clean under them. If you have carpet, consider shampooing. 
    • Remove couch cushions to vacuum the inside well. Also vacuum your entire couch, even to top of it where dust settles.
    •  Remove any piles of clutter that do not belong in the room.

  • Kitchen 

  • When it comes to spring cleaning your kitchen, there are a few key areas to focus on.

    • Top down dusting of ceiling, corners and light fixtures.
    • Wash down windows and blinds.
    • Give your oven and other appliances a good scrub. This will help get rid of any built up grease and grime. 
    • With your freezer and refrigerator take everything out, wiping down the shelves, and cleaning the door gaskets and getting rid of expired food. 
    • Wipe down the inside and outside of all your cabinets. Not only that, take a look to tighten cabinet knobs that may be loose.
    • Make sure your countertop support is up to par. In older homes countertop overhang can create a problem over time with gravity and years of weight causing it to lean. If you have an older home consider reinforcing it with new brackets.
    • Clean the inside of your dishwasher. This is in most homes a forgotten area.
    • Mop flooring. 

  • Bathrooms 

  • As in the other rooms start from the top down. 

    • First, dust the ceilings, walls down to the baseboards. 
    • Clean the toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks well. 
    • Wipe down and shine light fixtures that get overlooked a lot. 
    • Give the mirrors a good wipe down. 
    • Wash the windows and blinds.
    • Do not forget to mop the floors. 
    • This is also a great opportunity to wash your shower curtain and replace the liner if that is what you have. 

  • Bedrooms

  • Bedrooms are the place to retreat at the end of the day and rest the mind, body and soul. You deserve a refreshed room. 

    • Start by dusting down everything. 
    • Wash windows and blinds.
    • Wash bedding and curtains. 
    • If you have wood flooring dust and mop. If you have carpet vacuum and shampoo.

     If you started first with closets and drawers a week before this step is already done. You are now just adding the finishing touches to your room at this stage. 

  • Porches and decks

  • I would suggest spring cleaning your porches and decks after the pollen season. 

    • Wash the floors and steps, furniture and windows. 
    • Take care of any dead plants from the winter and tend to replanting or de-weeding flower pots. Consider planting some new fresh flowers.

  • Laundry room

    • Clean your washing machine by running one empty cycle with an appropriate cleaner for your type of machine. 
    • Clean your dryer and clean your dryer vent to prevent fires.

    Remember if you have a segmented plan and pace yourself, your spring cleaning goals will be met in no time. 

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