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Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket

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With style and safety as top priorities, we are dedicated to creating products that make your countertop work for you. We understand that our customers are looking for reliable, easy-to-install countertop brackets that get the job done. That’s exactly what we offer.

Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket, countertop support bracket

Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket

The Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket’s patented adjustability makes it the lowest-profile hidden countertop bracket in the industry as well as the only bracket to provide active support at the far end of the countertop.

Standard Hidden Bracket

Standard Hidden Bracket

The Standard Hidden Bracket from Steel Design Solutions is an affordable, American-made flat bar countertop support bracket. Ideal for creating a floating countertop with knee walls or pony walls.

Victory Bracket

Victory Bracket

The Victory Bracket a multi-functional L-bracket with a unique ribbed design that creates additional strength. This bracket allows for multiple mounting options — both inside or outside the cabinet wall.

Townley Shelf Bracket

The Townley Shelf Bracket is specially designed for all your shelving needs. It provides both unprecedented low profile support and superior strength. Available in three lengths for shelves up to 14″ deep.

What Customers Say

Good and strong product. Fair price.
– Vasilios V.

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