How to Renovate an Industrial Kitchen

How to Renovate an Industrial Kitchen

Part of the beauty of the industrial trend is its utility. It’s built to last and built to make things easier for you. This could mean wider countertops made from a durable material like concrete or granite, and it could also mean larger cabinetry that reaches as high as your ceiling.

Renovations can be exciting, but you should tread carefully if you want to build something that lasts. The key to any renovation is to add your personality and some elements of modern trends. The industrial trend is in and it’s on the rise.

Keep reading for some quick tips on how you could make some renovations and what you need to do it.


The kitchen is usually one of the first places people look when they want to work on their homes. It’ll greatly increase the resale value of your home, make it more enjoyable to live in, and improve the quality of your meals.

Don’t go at it alone

When you decide to renovate your kitchen, you should look into enlisting the help of professional services or at the very least, you should have another person to help you out. It will make it go by faster and make the whole process a lot safer.

See everything in person before you buy

It’s really hard to judge what something is going to look like from a little picture on your screen. If you can, check to see if you can look at it in person before you decide to buy it. It’ll save you a lot of headaches.

Go big on cabinetry

Cabinets bring it all together. They are going to set the tone for your kitchen more than anything else. Invest in some large cabinets using some heavy-duty steel brackets to hold it up with a seamless look.

Outdoor Kitchen

This is where craftsmanship is most important. Your kitchen is going to be weathered by sun, rain, and wind. If it isn’t built to last, then you won’t have it very long.

Choose a durable material

You should incorporate materials like stone, concrete, or tile. If you decide to go with another material, check to see if you can use it outdoors. Many finishes aren’t made for these kinds of conditions.

Find industrial sizes

What goes into a modern kitchen design? With the industrial look on the rise, many choose to use heavy and durable materials like granite, steel, or concrete. The industrial look is incomplete without the feeling that something massive and heavy is weighing it all down.

Use proper supports

Heavy-duty materials demand heavy-duty supports. Luckily you could easily find steel brackets made to handle any countertops, benches, or cabinetry you choose. Your supporting steel brackets need to be tough, so don’t try and cut costs here—it’s not worth it.

That is what the industrial style is all about. It’s about utility and industrial strength to back it up. You could use visible steel brackets if you want to add more of an industrial touch, or hidden steel brackets if you are going for something a little more subtle.

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