Walk-In Showers Are Making A SPLASH!

Designing a Walk-in Shower

Are you pondering how you want to configure your bathroom remodel? Are you indecisive about which type of shower will work best with the layout you’ve selected? Consider adding a walk-in shower in your bathroom or upgrade the one you have.  Walk-in Showers are really making a splash with designers these days. They not only lend to the bathroom’s visual space, but these shower’s have an accessible appeal.

Here are some of the reasons why designing a walk-in shower may be your best bet!

Gain more space. Or, you create the illusion of more space. Walk-in showers do not require special floor trays or any kind of additional, cubicle-style framework that takes up valuable square footage. Alternatively, you can work with your existing ceiling, wall and floor space, and simply upgrade them with waterproof materials. Walk-in showers are also a bonus in bathrooms with an odd or irregular shape because you can make them work just about anywhere. Frameless glass shower doors also minimize any visual dividers or boundaries.

Safety First! Bathrooms are the most unsafe room in the house. The combination of water and slick surfaces can easily cause a fall. You may want to reduce that from occurring by eliminating one of the largest bathroom hazards – getting into and out of the shower. You and your guests can prance right in, and anyone using mobility aids can have easy access as well. This is why walk-in showers – are considered a staple of universal bathrooms designs.

You can have both, a shower & a tub! Don’t stress about having to sacrifice your tub for a ritzy shower, put those worries to rest. With a walk-in shower design, your shower and tub can share space if necessary. Japanese bathrooms, where bathers shower first, then soak have utilized this concept for generations.

Enjoy grand shower luxuries. Have you dreamt about having double faucets or overhead rain shower fixtures?  Your walk-in shower makes it easy to accommodate some of those fancier features that you’ve dreamed about having.  Since you won’t be restricted by a frame or pre-fab cubicle you can add splendid features without sacrificing space. You can up the luxury factor even more by adding beautiful tile designs.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Without all the extra structural elements, there is less surface area, grooves, corners, etc., to clean and maintain. This is a major bonus for anyone, and is especially so for children’s bathrooms and the master bathroom as you grow older.

Floating Shower Benches. More and more designers are installing shower benches into walk-in showers. Some are still going with the vintage box-shower benches which are a bit outdated. Installing a floating shower bench is a lot more modern and sleek looking. Did you know that floating shower benches can hold just as much weight as an old boxy shower bench can? If a floating shower bench is installed with the right support brackets, it can serve the exact same purpose but it also saves you some room in your shower to store products. By choosing the right design, you can easily achieve a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

In conclusion, walk-in showers are considered a high-end bathroom design feature, and that will benefit you down the road when you’re ready to put your home on the market.

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