12 Other Stunning Uses for Shelf Brackets

12 Other Stunning Uses for Shelf Brackets

Looking for interesting and unique ways to use shelf brackets? Our article is a great read for you! It outlines 12 Other Stunning Uses for Shelf Brackets. Unique and different ways to put shelf brackets to use, beyond the traditional use of supporting shelves or counter tops.

  1. Use decorative support brackets to hold open a window. Just open the widow and place the flat surfaced edges of the bracket into the window track in the corner of the window. Make sure it is the corner not the middle for maximum strength. 
  2. Shelf support brackets can be used for adding additional charm to industrial or farmhouse styled spaces as a light hanger. If you like the industrial hanging Eddison light for example, use a bracket to hang it from the side of the wall. It looks amazing really with any metal, stainless steel, or wooden bracket. 
  3. Use support brackets to hang house plants. You can use them inside or mounted outside to hang the heavier plant varieties. A heavy duty bracket would even work well mounted on to the outside of a brick home to hang ferns and more. 
  4. If you paint or stain the boards to blend in with your color scheme mounting them on each side of the very top portion of the window frame you will have the most amazing window shelves for climbing houseplants to rest. On each side place the bracket flush with the outer edge of the window frame for strength and do not drill them into the frame itself. 
  5. Use antique ornate shelf brackets to place in the corners of interior doorways for added charm.
  6. Some brackets could double as curtain rod support. This is a stronger way to support heavier or extra long curtain rods. 
  7. Use large heavy duty brackets to support closet rods, instead of thin wire shelving especially if you have a lot of clothing to hang.
  8. You can also use them individually in the closet without a rod to hang multiple hangers with extra items such as dress pants, scarves, purses. 
  9. Take staggering sized brackets all of the same design that are in the full triangle shape to make a shelf. Large, medium, small. Start with the largest on the bottom and next size up and so forth. Cut boards to fit each size. Mount your boards on them and anchor to a wall for a generous sized farmhouse style stair ladder shelf. 
  10. Small solid wooden shelf brackets can be used for corner accents on the bottom of floor level cabinetry.
  11. Triangle shaped brackets can be used as a much stronger paper towel holder mounted on the wall. Just slide a little wooden rod cut to fit and you are set.
  12. Use a heavy duty bracket to mount your bike onto the garage or apartment wall. 

These ideas are just to get you started in rethinking ordinary components like a bracket and repurposing them into other useful things for daily life. Repurposing is so valuable and cost effective. I hope this list of ideas inspired you to rethink the shelf bracket. 

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