Ways to Get More Countertop Space

Ways to Get More Countertop Space

No matter how big your kitchen may be, you rarely hear anyone talk about how they have too much space.  Cleared counters are a rare commodity. Thankfully, there are plenty of extra storage ideas that can help generate more space for you in the kitchen.

Butcher Block Cart

If you are trying to conserve space, a butcher block rolling cart can help by serving a dual purpose. You can use the top for food prepping and the bottom for storing dishes, glasses or any other supplies.

Extend Your Kitchen Countertop

If you feel that you need more counter space you may want to extend your countertop and create and overhang. Use Steel Design Solutions' Triton or Victory Brackets to support whatever kind of material you’d like to use. This will not take up too much space in your kitchen but it will ultimately give you that extra counter space that you need.

Hang Utensils

A lot of utensils have holes or notches at the top of them which can be handy if you wish to hang them up high. If you hang them up it will give you some extra drawer space.

Keep Your Pots & Pans Up High

Hanging pots and pans from a ceiling mounting rack can also save you room in your cabinets for other items and it keeps them in sight and easy to access.

Magnetize Your Knife Collection

Traditional knife blocks can take up counter space so try a more creative approach to storing them. Get a magnetic block strip for your wall and place them on the strip. Make sure to dry them well before placing them on the strip.

Open Shelving

Open shelves can greatly increase your kitchen storage space. You can hang them on a painted wall or even free hanging from the ceiling. Make sure to put items that are pleasing to the eye on display.

Another Way To Look At It

Sometimes being desperate causes you to be creative.  Mounting a few shelves inside a window can not only save you storage space but it can be a great place to put plants and other items that benefit from the sun.

Take Advantage of Your Kitchen Island

Add some shelves to your kitchen island to store some books on or bars for hanging towels or utensils.

Reclaim Hidden Wall Space

Find an area in your kitchen that you can remodel and turn into storage space. You may need to identify where the studs are in the wall that you would like to use first. If you can reclaim hidden wall space you are ultimately making room on your countertops for other items.

Corner Pockets

Use freestanding shelves in a neglected corner to store dishes, glasses or mugs. A cake stand can be used as well to hold items such as spices, salt, pepper or olive oil.


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