Stone Colors That Go Great With White Cabinets

Stone Colors That Go Great With White Cabinets

White cabinets continue to be a staple in kitchen designs, especially because they are timeless, fresh and adaptable.  They work extremely well with farm house designs and sleek modern kitchens. Due to the fact that they are versatile and go with different patterns and textures, they are a go-to. White cabinets especially look stunning with a variety of granite countertops patterns. You may wonder what kind of granite colors work well with white cabinets. White on white and black and white are always reliable choices but you could choose to go with bolder colors such as blue or green.

Here are some granite countertop colors that are particularly well suited for white cabinets.


white quartz

Alaska White Granite

This strong stone is named for its icy formations of crisp white minerals accented by streaks of ebony feldspar and a scattering of translucent quartz. This granite doesn’t have a wide color palette, but a deep pattern that will add visual complexity. to a white-on-white kitchen or bathroom.

blue granite

Black or Blue Pearl Granite

If you are designing a contemporary black and white kitchen, this Indian granite may be perfect for you. It has a deep black color with accents of gray in a subtle composite pattern. You can consider it a great jet black or dark blue alternative. A steely blue, semi-iridescent granite paired with white cabinets look fresh and soothing. Blue Pearl granite is a minimal choice for a light and airy feel. You can also use unique backsplash and accessories to make this a fabulous centerpiece in your kitchen.


Calacatta Macaubas Quartzite

Black Marinace Granite can add a bit more drama to your kitchen. This polymict pebble conglomerate granite has one of the most unique patterns available on the market. It may look man-made, but it’s actually quarried that way. Each “pebble” is a unique pattern. Paired with white cabinets, Black Marinace Granite (also called Black Morgan Granite or Black Mosaic Granite) is an eclectic twist on the classic black and white kitchen.

colonial white granite

Colonial White Granite

If you are designing a white-on-white kitchen, Colonial White Granite is a bespoke choice. Sketching across a cool, off white background, points of black and dark grey minerals form a slow moving constellation. You can pair this with white subway tiles to get a sleek contemporary look.

steel grey granite

Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey Granite has the rugged elegance of the industrial age. Its medium composite pattern stays within a small range of grays throughout, making it the perfect choice, when paired with white cabinets, for a contemporary, industrial-chic look. You can increase this rugged look even more by choosing a leathered or antique-finish Steel Grey.

granite countertop

Volga Blue Granite

Volga Blue Granite is a fairly simple stone at first glance. Medallions of reflective black and grey fill the surface in varying sizes for a subtle, but intriguing look. However, as soon as light hits the stone, you can see the iridescent coins of blue Labradorite set in the black background. On a white cabinet, Volga Blue Granite makes a bold, sumptuous statement.

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