Trending: Bigger & Bolder Vanities

Trending: Bigger & Bolder Vanities

Although there are a variety of fixtures that can steal the spotlight in today’s bath designs, the bath vanity is still one of the most beloved. Because it is available in a wide range of sizes, materials and color selections, the  vanity can be customized to your unique liking. As a multi-functional centerpiece of your bathroom’s decor, your vanity should offer the perfect balance of style and function.

We’ve put together this basic guide of everything you need to know when selecting a new bathroom vanity.

Vanities are getting bigger, bolder and more sophisticated, as manufacturers find new ways to balance style and storage in the bath. Clean, streamlined looks continue to trend. 
Most vanities can be found in basic colors such as white and grey but  black, bold blues and many other shades are being incorporated into bathrooms.
Transitional and classic styles that are decorated in clean lines are the most popular styles, and  if they feature smart storage options that is a perk.  

Modern Vanity

The Latest Styles in Bath Vanities

–While sleek contemporary looks continue to trend, there’s a growing interest in farmhouse styles, textural interest, statement vanities, material combinations and storage that is both luxurious and highly functional

–Vanities with clever drawer options, pullouts for accessibility, built-in wastebaskets, roll-out trays and open shelving & other storage options are garnering interest.

–Statement vanities – in size, style and color – are being used to personalize spaces and act as a dramatic focal point in the room.

–Muted, subtle wood tones are finding their way into the bath, with textural and reclaimed or aged wood finishes garnering particular attention.

–Trends like wellness and aging-in-place are affecting design, with more floating vanities and easy-to-clean surfaces being introduced.

–Technology has entered the vanity arena, with electrical outlets, USB ports, interior LED lighting and even refrigeration all viable options for customization.


Double Vanities

Double vanities are very convenient. It gives both partners their own space to get ready, and can be a huge timesaver, especially in the morning. Before installing a double vanity, consider the amount of space it will take up. In smaller bathrooms it might not be the best idea, as it also lessens the available counter space.

DIY Styles

If you prefer more of a DIY style, you can use an antique chest of drawers  and repurpose it as a vanity. A little know-how for installing the sink and faucet and water-proofing the material will go a long way towards having something unique and personal in your bathroom. People want their vanities to be a reflection of who they are.

“Clean” Vanities

The wellness trend is also impacting vanity design, with demand for easy-to-clean surfaces and features that promote better hygiene – a trend that was already going strong and now is seeing increased interest in the wake of the pandemic.  Wellness was becoming paramount in bathroom design even before the COVID-19 crisis brought the idea front and center, There is a continued focus on spa and wellness features impacting vanity design. Hygiene impacts everything from cleanability to storage.


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