WORKING FROM HOME - Small Ideas With Big Impacts

WORKING FROM HOME - Small Ideas With Big Impacts
Working from home is the new norm for many individuals across the country. However, it can be challenging to get into “work-mode” when you are in the comfort of your home. Your surroundings will play a crucial part in your work mind set so working from your bed or your sofa may not be the most productive option for you.
There are some great work-from-home solutions to get you in the right frame of mind. These will help to increasing your productivity and comfort, even if you have limited space in your home.

Kitchen Adaptations

If you’re going to spend a lot of time somewhere, it’s probably a wise idea to make sure you like the space. You may want to adapt your kitchen into a home office workspace that will leave you motivated to get to work. Take a look below at our best small home ideas:
WORKING FROM HOME - Small Ideas With Big Impacts

Make the Most of Corners

You may not get excited about being told to sit in a corner; at least you never liked hearing that when you were a kid.  To most people, kitchen corners are not that exciting, however you may see the corner as an opportunity. A corner is an area of your kitchen that can be transformed into a practical, functional space that can conform with the existing style of your kitchen. With the right design, a corner of your kitchen can be converted into a multi-functional workstation. Making the most of this space can keep you out of the way of the typical hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen area. Consider a corner work surface combined with a supportive comfortable chair that can be tucked out of the way. The concept behind the corner workstation is that it would be strictly for work-related use, instead of a place for eating or preparing your meals. Furthermore, when you sit down in your corner, you will know that it’s time to get focused and get to work.

breakfast nook

Breakfast Bars Are Not Just for Breakfast

Depending on the kitchen layout you are working with, you may not have sufficient room for a dining room table or a kitchen island. A concise, well-designed kitchen can accrue an efficient breakfast bar that fits neatly against your kitchen wall. This option can be an fantastic working-from-home solution. Breakfast bars are the ideal space-saving option, providing functionality while remaining precisely compact. You will have minimal disruption to your other kitchen activities if you choose to work from this area and it can blend in easily with the rest of your kitchen. If you really want to save even more space, consider installing a floating breakfast bar using our Steel Design Solutions' heavy-duty support brackets. This will save you room under the breakfast bar and you won’t have to worry about hitting your legs against corbels or legs.

Stylish Kitchen Islands

Even though they require a little more space, kitchen islands can be a great addition to your kitchen. They not only are very useful when it comes to preparing meals, they can also be converted into a inspirational workspace. The light and spacious feel of sitting at a kitchen island can help trigger creativity and excitement while you are working.  There are so many beautiful materials to choose from and you can spruce up a kitchen island with some contemporary, modern bar stools.

WORKING FROM HOME - Small Ideas With Big Impacts

Opt For Floating Open Shelves

Floating open shelves look clean and classic and there are so many stylish options to choose from. You can use the shelves to keep all of your things neat and tidy in a place that is easily accessible. If you opt for a kitchen island, there will be plenty of space for open shelves underneath and around the work surface. Use your open shelves to further replicate your office environment, by storing decorative items that you would typically have on your desk at work, such as photo frames.

Knocking Down Walls

Even though his idea might seem slightly intense, if you’re working from home for the foreseeable future, it may make sense to expand your kitchen area by knocking down walls. Do you feel like you would be more productive in a wider, open space than being  cooped up and surrounded by four walls for a large chunk of your day? This could have a negative impact on your concentration, productivity and mental health. By opening out the space you already have you can let more natural light in and create an inviting atmosphere that’s both beautiful and convenient. You can link the rooms together with a large archway or wood beams overhead and a neutral color palette can create a smooth transition between the living room, kitchen, and beyond.

WORKING FROM HOME - Small Ideas With Big Impacts 

If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, whether it’s a complete revamp or an addition of a kitchen island or breakfast bar to accommodate a kitchen workspace, consider using a Design App to start visualizing how it can all look.

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