Why the pandemic and a declining stock market can make remodeling a kitchen a good business decision!

This is not the time for most to be considering remodeling their kitchen. However, while many of our lives are stalled and we are looking forward to better times, here are some things to think about.

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Financial uncertainty lowers the numbers of homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens. But these are the best times to be borrowing the money needed to do major renovations such as kitchen remodels.

Just as reacting quickly to health directives can flatten the outbreak curve and allow our health care system to deal with the pandemic, reacting quickly once the health crisis has subsided can make expensive kitchen renovations inexpensive or free.

IntImage result for kitchen renovation photoerest rates have plummeted due to the havoc created by the Coronavirus COVID-19 and falling oil prices. Refinancing a home at lower interest rates will allow many homeowners to reduce their monthlymortgage payment while also being able to withdraw enough money to pay for a kitchen renovation.

It is the uncertain times that create the opportunity to get such great financing. Sitting on the sidelines too long when you have a kitchen renovation you are contemplating would miss the opportunity.