Smart Kitchens

Top High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets You Need In 2020

With the coronavirus sticking around, you are finding yourself at home a lot more. Why not take the opportunity to improve your cooking skills?  Maybe if you add some fun high-tech appliances to your kitchen you can upgrade it in a unique and modern way without doing a full-on remodel, and you will want to spend more time in the kitchen. They say that practice makes perfect, and that’s certainly true when it comes to cooking. Cooking meals at home regularly will help you refine your skills and these high-tech gadgets will help you.

Here are some fantastic ways to give your kitchen an upgrade without buying a new home or remodeling. Sure, you can live without high-tech gear in your kitchen, but why would you want to? Check out these cool products we’ve rounded up that give a whole new meaning to “digital cooking.”

These appliances come equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best cooking benefits. Moreover, they reduce cooking time and efforts due to their advanced technologies. If you invest in the right smart kitchen tools cooking will be a sinch and you will want to spend more time in your kitchen.

Check out these exciting high-tech kitchen gadgets:


Precision Poacher


Egg Minder

The operation of Egg Minder is basically powered by an AA-battery tray. This tray can hold approximately 14 eggs. Moreover, this high-tech kitchen appliance works for bakery and commercial uses.

The EGGxcellent Egg Minder maintains track of the number of eggs you need. Moreover, it requires the expiration dates of such eggs, depending on both the date these eggs arrived inside the tray and the amount of time you set the on freshness period. This freshness period can be set in the accompanying app.

Connected Coffee Maker

When you wake up in bed and you need an energy boost to get your day started, you can rely on the Connected Coffee Maker to help you get your day started. This high-tech kitchen appliance has a voice command app that can be accessed from your phone; you just need to tell Alexa to turn it on. Take advantage of its great features such as temperature control and altitude monitoring and control pre-soak time, brewing temperatures, and a few other precision brewing factors. This mobile app will be your best brew friend.

Tablet Stand

This gadget needs a standing ovation. With the use of a tablet stand, you can simply mount your tablets or phones on stands. These stands are foldable and easy can be stored inside a drawer. They come with oh a stylus to make sure your sticky fingers do not mess up the screen.

In an easy way, you can make your tablet a perfect fixture of your contemporary kitchen space using the tablet stands. It would be quite easy to install them on a wall or beneath a cabinet. In addition to holding a tablet or phone, you can hold your kindle book or kinder holder as well. They come with expanding legs to mount on any counter surface.

Vertical Waffle Maker

If you love waffles and want to find the Best Waffle Maker on the marketyou can consider this type of high-tech kitchen gadget. The vertical waffle maker makes perfecting waffles simple. At the top of the griddle, there is the availability of a small spout.  You can easily pour your waffle batter inside via the hole available at the top and you will have no problems related to flipping and waiting until your waffle is perfectly prepared.

Precision Poacher

With the use of the Precision Poacher, you can prepare scrambled eggs, steamed eggs, or sous vide eggs. With the availability of precise temperature control, there is no guesswork related to tricky eggs. As a result, you will attain perfectly cooked eggs each time. You can also master low-temperature techniques through accurate poaching, simmering and sous vide.

Perfect Drink Smart Scale

Cheers! If you like to entertain and you are not a professional bartender, there’s a good chance that the Honey Dispenser may be just the thing that you need. It’s likely that if you’re not a bartender, your homemade cocktails probably don’t taste like they do at bars or restaurants.  Now you can easily remove all the estimations from your DIY mixology with the use of the Perfect Drink Smart Scale.

In this smart scale, a drink recipe app is included. You can easily add your ingredients inside a glass until you listen to the ding. Finally, your drink will be deliciously prepared. Wala!


This makes cooking a piece of cake! This Wi-Fi-equipped food scale, Drop,  works with a recipe app to make baking simpler. If you’re short on an ingredient, it can adjust measurements, offer substitutions and give you screen-by-screen, illustrated instructions as you cook.


The ultimate fridge magnet! This smart device creates your grocery lists.  Just use it to scan barcodes, or speak into it for things that don’t have them. It adds items to an app that’s at the ready when you’re hitting the grocery store.

Range Thermometer

The Range aims to make roasting less intimidating: Insert the Range Thermometer into the deepest part of your cut of meat, set the ideal doneness temperature, and its app will notify you when dinner is ready (and cooked perfectly).


Choosing any of these high-tech gadgets will reduce your time and effort for cooking in the kitchen. They come implemented with advanced technologies for the ultimate benefits of the user. Smart kitchen devices are now commonplace in the internet of things revolution, with a whole host of cool connected accessories and appliances up for grabs that range from smart stoves to forks and plates that help you manage portion control.