Top Garage Improvement Ideas

The garage is often the forgotten stepchild of home remodels. But the reality is that updating your garage will not only improve your experience as a homeowner, it will also increase your home’s value for resale. So, which updates pack the biggest bang for your buck? Here are our top three garage improvement picks.

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1. New Garage Doors

A new garage door is the top tier of home remodels for return on investment. With materials to match any style, in both insulated and non-insulated varieties, finding the perfect door for you is easy. Steel doors are the most popular option for their durability and low-maintenance quality. However, a steel door will most often need insulation to save on energy costs and reduce noise. Wood doors look beautiful, but they require regular maintenance. Depending on the materials and services you choose, a new garage door may run you anywhere between $750 and $9,000.

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2. Smart Storage

Garages tend to be a dumping ground for all of our unwanted or unsightly junk. Clutter piles up, which in turn collect dirt and cobwebs and all manner of other undesirables. The first step to cleaning up your garage is to have a good old fashion garage sale. Get rid of everything that made its way there when you didn’t want to deal with it anymore. After you’ve sold or disposed of what you don’t want, decide how to store your remaining items. Floating shelves are a great option for paint, cleaning supplies, and shoes. With our Townley Shelf Bracket, installing is a breeze too! For larger, more weighty items like bicycles and lawn tools, consider installing a slat wall on one side of the garage. This will allow you to easily hang your possessions at customized heights while retaining the freedom to move them around as you see fit.

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3. Floor Coating

The garage is not only home to unwanted stuff, it’s also the destination for unfinished projects and car repairs. If your garage floor is just plain old concrete, that means chips, stains, and marks. Applying a floor coating can make all the difference not only in the aesthetics of your garage floor but also for its durability. These coatings come in non-slip textures, water- and oil-proof varieties, and just about any color you want!

It’s time to stop ignoring your garage. With these top garage improvement ideas, we hope this summer will be the summer you start enjoying it!