Tips for Working with a Contractor on Your Bathroom Remodel

At Steel Design Solutions, we love to support the DIY homeowner. However, there are times when hiring a professional is the smartest thing to do. The projects that most often require a professional take place in the kitchen and the bathroom. If you’re calling a contractor for your bathroom remodel, here’s what you need to know. Working with a Contractor on Your Bathroom Remodel

Think For Yourself

Just because you enlist professional help with a project doesn’t mean that you can check your brain at the door. Have a plan and a budget in place before you call a contractor. For both your sakes, make sure that every agreement between you and your contractor is in writing. Don’t assume that a contractor understands your vision just because you’ve talked about it once or twice; involve yourself in the daily decisions and workings of the project!

Know Your Materials

All toilets look the same, and your contractor may not give you the lowdown on which one will save you the most money in the long run. Similarly, they may not tell you that any interior enamel paint will do the job of bathroom-specific paint for much less. Now, that doesn’t mean your contractor is a dishonest creep. They’re simply going to do whatever you say because you’re the boss. So do your research on toilets, flooring, paint, and any other relevant materials before you give the go ahead!

Shop Smart, Shop Locally

In this day and age, it is often cheaper and more convenient to shop online. When it comes to remodeling, however, that’s not always the case. Getting sample materials, making returns, and resolving problems are much easier when you can just run to the store. Purchasing from your local store also ensures your products don’t get damaged in transit.

There’s no reason hiring a professional for a bathroom remodel should leave you frustrated. Follow these tips and it never will!