Timeless Bathroom Design

A beautiful bathroom is about more than just personal taste—it’s about comfort and convenience as well. The perfect bathroom design not only displays your own style but also saves you the hassle of remodeling and increases the likelihood of resale.Timeless Bathroom Design Tips

For a bathroom that does all three, keep these tips in mind.

Soft Colors

A bathroom—particularly the master bath—is not only a room of necessity but relaxation. Choosing neutral and soft-toned colors for the prominent features will ensure the room continues to feel like a retreat for years to come. Use bold colors and eccentric designs in the smaller, more flexible details of the space rather than fixed materials like the countertops or shower tiles.

Smart Storage

Regardless of fluid trend changes, your bathroom will always be a place that necessitates good storage. Toothpaste, medications, and bath toys need a place to hide along with clean towels, cleaning supplies, and styling tools. Keep cabinetry clean and simple, but make sure to include plenty of storage. Mix open shelving with closed cabinets, and use classic woven baskets under a floating vanity for easy access.

Simple Design

It may be tempting to incorporate every new trend—like bright porcelain tile and rose gold accents—into your bathroom design, but you’re better off sticking with time-tested materials. Shaker doors offer the best of both worlds with their classic design and interchangeable hardware. Use them with glass knobs or steel handles, depending on your preferences. Subway tiles are another classic-but-versatile material, available in several colors and sizes to meet your design needs.

At Steel Design Solutions, we’re for function, beauty, and comfort. It can be a delicate balance, but we’re confident that it’s one you can achieve!