Customer Testimonials

I purchased the Triton hd brackets for a floating bench I’m making in our backyard and this company is awesome and makes durable quality products that last. I had some questions regarding the products and Jarod got back to me quickly and even gave me tips for my project that was unrelated to his products. Can’t say enough good things about these people and this company!

In every project, it’s crucial to find just the right elements to execute our designs. After extensive research, we found the 12X12 stainless steel Delta Brackets made by Steel Design Solutions to be our best option to support this bar countertop in this basement’s total renovation. Strong and beautiful, our clients love them as much as we do!

We used the 8″ Victory Bracket for an overhang on a kitchen island. The brackets look small yet give stability. The installation is very easy and the option of different length available makes it possible to select the right bracket for each job.

We used the brackets for shelves in our 11 year old daughter’s room. She loves the way they look and so do we!

I used the Triton HD Bracket 22″ x 22″ because I wanted to leave the area underneath the workbench open to allow my tool chest to roll under neath. I wanted something strong and that looked clean. After looking at my options I chose the SDS Triton HD Bracket and was very happy that I did. They were very strong and worked perfect for my application. I highly recommend using them.

I am a General Contractor and have been in the business for over 40 yrs. I ordered brackets to support a raised bar top from Steel Design Solutions. They arrived on time and within the time frame I was given. They were also reasonably priced compared to their competition and are of good quality. I will be ordering from Steel Design Solutions hence forward for all of my countertop support brackets.

These brackets are just what I’ve been looking for — simple, strong with no support strut! I am a pro remodeler and will recommend and use these again. Thank you Steel Design Solution

They had great ideas for installing a counter with shelving beneath it for laundry baskets in my laundry room. It looks great and they were very professional. Highly recommended.

We recently used 3 brackets to support a 12″ granite overhang on an island cabinet. Installed easily and supports with micro adjustments so any variations are covered. Will buy again for my next project. Delivered to job site just days after ordering.

As a mechanical engineer I was impressed with the quality of the included hardware. Straight forward installation procedure with easy to follow instructions. Price was on the high side but well worth it.

The Victory Bracket is a great product at a reasonable price! We used them for support on a 10 foot island countertop with a radius bar top, and they worked very well. I’d recommend this product highly, and will use it again!

Good and strong product. Fair price.

Brackets worked great. They are hidden, no knee bumping and not showing like corbels. Easy to install. Order 6 but contractor only used 4, he kept the other 2 to use with new clients. View Product.

What a fabulous product! So happy I found this and something that I can install myself to boot! Great job guys!

I couldn’t be happier with the brackets I ordered from Steel Design Solutions! They were just what I needed for my outdoor bar. Excellent customer service, as well!

Purchased the standard hidden brackets and received them within 4 days! They are perfect for our kitchen island. Well worth the price.

What a GREAT product! What a fabulous team! My kitchen is now my favorite place at home. Steel Design Solutions is a great company that I recommend to everyone!

Steel Design Solutions sells wonderful products! Best of all, they have great customer service – rare these days. A couple of the brackets I ordered were lost in the mail, so I called Jarod and he sent them the next day. It has been a pleasure dealing with Jarod. I would recommend him to anyone!

These brackets are perfect for what my client needed! They disappear under the counter top, are very durable and arrive within a day or two. These are great and I will definitely use them again.

Very nice brackets. I will definitely purchase again.

I was so happy to have found these brackets for my new kitchen renovation. They helped me achieve the exact look I was going for in my kitchen while providing extra space for seating at the counter. I couldn’t believe how large the floating counters made my kitchen look. A must have in NYC!!!

Your search for a quality product ends here. This is the best! I highly recommend it!!!

Strong, sturdy. Were installed and adjusted after the granite had been laid.

I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to achieve the look I was going for. The very knowledgeable staff steered me in the right direction. I am very pleased with the results.

Awesome product! It has made our installations a lot easier!

I used these brackets for the first time on an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area countertop and it was so easy to install!! It worked great! Folks at SDS super friendly too and helpful! Thank you!!

The ordering process was easy and the product is exactly what we expected.

Nice quality product with a great powder-coat finish. Super fast delivery too! Received a call from Steel Design Solutions about my second order to verify my purchase. Great customer service.

We had a floating vanity that needed bracing and these brackets were the perfect choice. They’re good quality and worked great for the application.

Helpful staff answered all my questions, and the brackets look great.

Very nice brackets. We will use them again!

The service was outstanding.

I used 3 of 1/4″ x 12″ Victory Brackets to reinforce my new waterfall kitchen island.  These brackets were perfect for the situation I had with a pre-existing pony wall – I could not have brackets came over from the other side of the wall – the distance was too great. I was able to notch out the drywall and lag screw the Victory brackets directly to the pony wall studs. Ultimately, the lower section of the brackets were covered up by the face treatment (backsplash tiles), so that, unless you get down on your knees to look, the end result is that they are invisible.

When I was in engineering school, I took a number of courses on Statics – the physics of forces that are not in motion. I could tell that the Victory brackets had a distinct advantage over the other brackets in the market because they had some ‘3-D’ shape.  Although the little bends in the bars are subtle, I believe they will be significantly stronger than a ‘flat’ bar, which has no real way to resist the forces that act upon it.

Our new island was a significant investment. You never know when one of your guests, during a crazy party, is going to re-enact the scene from Coyote Ugly and get up on your island. Adding these Victory brackets to the architecture is a great and inexpensive insurance policy for an expensive island.

Your product made my project so simple. I ordered them on Thursday and received them on Friday. Then got an email Sunday they were shipped LOL.  They were super easy to install and the countertop guys had no problem putting the countertop on them. Thank u so much for this great countertop braces. Thank you!

Jeff Fulton
I purchased 4 of your powder coated hidden corbels for our outdoor kitchen bar. They were perfect! Our granite guy had no problem installing them and since they are hidden from sight, they are not unsightly nor do they impede legroom for people sitting at the bar. Thank you!

The brackets worked exactly as specified on the website and the customer service was very helpful.

Needing a desk and shelves for remote learning and home office, I built this on a 12’+ wall. Three Townley brackets are secured directly to the wall studs to support each shelf. The wall is patched and painted to completely conceal them for a clean look.  A Triton bracket supports the center of the desktop. It’s now sturdy enough to support two people sitting on it!I love these brackets and will use them again!

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