Simplify Your Countertop Installation with a Better Bracket

When it comes to designing a space, there are infinite choices. What materials are best for your floating countertops? How should they be supported? Brackets or corbels? Wading through hundreds of products is an overwhelming task. It doesn’t have to be like that! The team at Steel Design Solutions is working tirelessly to bring you a better, simpler countertop installation process. Your countertop brackets are an important component of your design, and we want to be sure you get the best product available.Simplify Your Countertop Installation with a Better Bracket

Active Support for a Stronger Countertop

There are plenty of countertop brackets out there, but none of them offer the quality of support as the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket. The patented adjustability of our bracket makes it the only one on the market to provide active support. That means that our bracket continually supplies upward support to the far end of your countertop where it’s needed most. Available in five sizes, the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket maximizes space while still providing necessary support.

Low Profile for Virtual Invisibility

Aesthetics should never be sacrificed for functionality. Our unique patented technology allows the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket to provide constantly resistant support from inside your cabinet wall. You can enjoy virtual invisibility while maintaining maximum support. No other bracket offers this dynamic combination.

The Durability of American-Made Steel

The need for attractive and functional countertops extends beyond the kitchen island. They’re used in bathrooms, basements, and outdoor patios. Our bracket is made from 100% American structural steel. It comes powder coated to protect against corrosion, guaranteeing that it stands up to frequent spills and bad weather.

Easy Installation for a DIY Floating Countertop

In today’s world of online tutorials and instant fixes, people would rather do it themselves than call a professional. The Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket is made with DIYers (and their countertops) in mind. With its patented adjustability feature, our bracket eliminates the need for shims to level, unlike its nonadjustable counterparts. It comes with all necessary hardware included, creating the simplest floating countertop installation process out there.

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Regardless of your project, we want your chosen bracket to be as streamlined and functional as your vision for the design. Incorporating reliable, user-friendly products into your space shouldn’t be complicated. We’re keeping it simple with the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket.