Open Concept Floor Plans & Inspiring Designs

Open Concept Floor Plans & Inspiring Designs


Open concept kitchens have become the new norm in most modern and contemporary homes. The advantage of having a large open space to work with is very alluring and opens the doors to a lot of interesting design possibilities. In addition, an open concept home plan can make your home feel larger, even if the square footage is modest. By eliminating doorways and widening the passages to dining and living areas, you obtain a sense of space that divided rooms lack. In this way, even a smaller, more affordable house plan can offer the comfort and roominess you seek.

This open floor plan concept has grown immensely in popularity over the years and was first available as a key element of modern homes. These days it can be found within different style homes and even smaller, more affordable house plans can benefit from open floor plans.  Architects and designers are constantly working to make the most of every bit of space a project offers and open concept kitchens make things quite easy.

Minimalist and contemporary modern white, gray and wooden kitchen and living room.

An open concept kitchen can suit a variety of different styles. The layouts can also differ, depending on the case. Usually the kitchen is connected to the dining area and often the living room as well and together they form a large and open common area. Transitioning between one area to another can often be tricky even when we’re talking about an open floor plan.

Here are some cool open floor plan design ideas


Large open floor plan

Kitchen and living room in stunning new luxury home with open concept floor plan. Includes view of dining room.


open floor plan with stairs

Penthouse living room and kitchen interior design, lounge with a modern minimalist white architecture concept,


zen open floor plan

Zen interior with potted bamboo plant, natural interior design concept, minimalist luxury living room and kitchen, contemporary modern architecture concept idea.


Mix It Up

Having taller ceilings and fewer walls will make your digs feel lighter, brighter and bigger, it can also pose a few challenges when it’s time to arrange furniture. Here are some products and design concepts that will help get things moving.

Arrange a Room Around a Focal Point

A large, open room can seem intimidating so when it’s time to start decorating and adding furniture, let the room’s focal point guide you. If you have a luxurious fireplace or amazing gallery wall, start there. Arrange larger furniture pieces around that, then work your way out from there.
Add Multiple Light Sources
A large room always feels warm and inviting with a variety of light sources. You can an overhead lights and a few table lamps, which will give the space, no matter the size, a welcoming glow.

Green It Up!

Flowers and plants are a great way to make an airy space feel more vibrant and lived in. From tall plants to smaller houseplants with lush foliage, you can’t go wrong with greenery. Bring the outside indoors and scatter plants around the room; it will go a long way.

Extra, Extra Seating

If you do a lot of entertaining, an oversized U-shape sectional could be just what you need to create a comfortable lounge feel. You can float a u-shaped sofa in the middle of a room and add a few stools or ottomans into the mix if you like to throw big parties; they can serve double duty as seating or a spot to place a drink in a pinch.