Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

When it comes to the small spaces in our homes, we tend to make one of two mistakes. Either we give no attention to their design, thinking that there’s not enough room, or we overcompensate, ending up with a design that overwhelms the space. It doesn’t have to be that way. Get the most from your small bathroom with these tips.Making the Most of a Small Bathroom Tips


A nice mirror does any room a favor. They reflect light and make your space feel twice its actual size. In a small bathroom, extend your vanity mirror the length of the wall rather than just installing it over the sink. This will create a feeling of more space and allow two people to get ready at once.

Light Colors

In a small area like the powder room, we’re sometimes tempted to use all the design ideas we’re scared to use in the rest of the house. While that sounds logical, it can also result in a room that feels dark and cramped. This is especially true for bathrooms that have no source of natural light. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some crazy! With white fixtures and a lighter shade on the walls, you can incorporate color and style with accessories.


Clutter will make even the most luxurious master bath feel confining, so it’s especially important to minimize it in a small bathroom. Hang a medicine cabinet over the toilet for makeup and toiletries (bonus points if it has a mirror front!). Selecting a floating vanity will give the space an open, spa-like feel. Use the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket to give you maximum support without design interference! Store towels underneath in attractive bins—woven baskets are ideal! Avoid a double sink to maximize counter space.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to feel small. Hopefully these tips will help you use your available space to achieve the design of your dreams!