Luxury Bathroom Features that are Worth the Splurge

A little luxury can make a big difference in the enjoyment value of your home. Of all the places you could spend your extra cash, the bathroom may be the best. That home theater room is amazing, but how often do you have the time to sit down and watch a movie? You’re in your bathroom multiple times a day! We’ve compiled a few luxury bathroom features we think are worth the splurge.

1. This dual-entrance walk-in

Two is better than one, right? Two shower heads, two entrances, two benches, and one rain shower module make this shower a true spa experience for any couple.

luxury bathroom by Village Interior Design

Village Interior Design

2. This trio of statement windows

Don’t be scared of putting windows in your bathroom. The natural light and views they afford create an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty. As long as you are strategic in their placement windows don’t have to ruin your privacy.

luxury bathroom by Dimensions Design Center

Dimensions Design Center

3. This rain and corded shower head combo

Rain showers are glorious, no question, but the convenience of a corded shower head is hard to beat. It just might be worth the splurge to have both!

luxury bathroom by Avant Innovations and Design

Avant Innovations and Design

4. This dreamy double vanity

Balance is everything in a bathroom. Two sinks, two mirrors, and a combination of open and closed storage make this vanity a win for style and practicality.

luxury bathroom by Classic Design

Classic Design

5. This gorgeous stand-alone tub

You may be a shower person as part of your regular routine, but don’t we all just need a hot bath every now and then? If you’re gonna have a tub, it should be big, beautiful, and confident enough to stand alone.

luxury bathroom by Katrina Porter Designs

Katrina Porter Designs

Treat yourself to a luxury bathroom!