Which Kitchen Style is Right for You?

Welcome, 2018! The new year is prime kitchen remodel time. That means it’s time to survey the literal millions of options out there for your new kitchen. No pressure, right? At Steel Design Solutions, we believe remodeling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take a look at these examples to help determine which kitchen style is right for you.

1. The Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen styleThe modern aesthetic is a clean-lined, clutter-free design. They commonly incorporate frameless cabinetry, reflective surfaces, and bring up adjectives like “chic” and “sophisticated” more than “cozy.” Our Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket is perfect for this aesthetic, as it never interrupts the beautiful lines of your floating countertop.

2. The Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen styleIn recent years the farmhouse kitchen style has exploded in popularity. Even your dog’s house is made of shiplap and reclaimed wood! Mixed finishes, wide sinks, and warm colors characterize the farmhouse look. If you love entertaining but hate formality, then a long farmhouse table is calling your name.

3. The Traditional Kitchen

traditional kitchen styleFurniture-style cabinetry, paned cabinet doors, and crown moulding—the traditional kitchen style is known for its details. Mixing old-world form with modern function, the traditional kitchen reminds you of the golden days without reverting to golden day performance.

4. The Eclectic Kitchen

eclectic kitchen styleDo you struggle to pick just one design aesthetic? Do you have strong tastes that fall within the bounds of several? It’s your kitchen, have it your way. Eclectic kitchens are tailored precisely to the owner’s taste and are by nature quirky and whimsical. Love a grass green metallic island and the soft floral wallpaper? Do both!

Whichever kitchen style speaks to you in 2018, we at Steel Design Solutions wish you a Happy New Year and happy remodeling!