Kitchen Style That Lasts

Kitchen Style That Lasts“Gray is the new white!”

“Chrome is out, copper is in!”

“10 appliances your kitchen MUST HAVE!”

These are just a few examples of the ever-changing mantras of kitchen style trendsetters (whoever they are). So, with the barrage of options out there, how do you design a kitchen that is both stylish today and in ten years? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


When it comes to cabinet design, it’s easy to fall off the horse on either side: ultra-modern that will look cold and impersonal in five years, or ornate details which will look overdone in five years. Classic shaker doors are your best bet. There’s a reason they are still popular after 30 years of use! If the shaker style feels too dull, liven it up with a funky paint color! You can always repaint when you’re ready for a kitchen style change.


In the world of home design, paint color is the easiest element to change. Choose paint colors that make you happy, because you can always change them later. But when it comes to more permanent aspects—like flooring, countertops, and appliances—stay conservative. Whites, blacks, and neutrals will always be in style. Use white on white for a fresh, clean look or pair gray with wood tones for a warm, dramatic feel.


Granite, marble, and their engineered stone look-alikes are here to stay. As long as you stay away from heavy veining and speckling you won’t have to worry about replacing your countertops anytime soon. The problem with on-trend materials like painted tile is their lack of longevity. Natural or engineered stone will make your countertops the focal point without being too loud, especially is you pair it with our unobtrusive countertop brackets!


Remember that “classic” doesn’t mean “old.” Implementing time-tested design into your kitchen now means that you won’t have to expend the money and resources on a remodel later. That being said, never shy away from expressing your personal style. Do so through the details, like small appliances, paint, hardware, lighting, and furniture!

Having an in-style kitchen doesn’t have to mean constant updates. Design intentionally, choose materials carefully, and you’re sure to stay stylish.