Kitchen Remodels: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

When it comes to kitchen remodels, we’ve got information overload. Every blogger, contractor, and designer has their own ideas (complete with photos) for what makes the perfect kitchen. You want to be confident that your money is going to the best projects, but it can be hard to know what those projects are! Let us help you out.Kitchen Remodels: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Lighting vs. Windows

There can be no argument against a well-lit kitchen, but if you find that your budget does not allow for your tastes, look to the windows. Natural light adds a clean, cheerful feeling to any space. Rather than pricey statement lighting, throw your money at high-quality windows. The benefits will be greater (all that Vitamin D!) and you won’t want to change them with every new trend.

Flooring vs. Countertops

Most of us have room in the budget for pricier materials like stone, but we don’t have room for lots of them. Covering your kitchen floor with stone tile will eat up your budget in a flash. Instead, choose an affordable option—like luxury vinyl, porcelain, or reclaimed wood— and throw that money at the countertops. A work surface made of high-quality material will hold up to heavy use and last for years. Not to mention make your kitchen look amazing! Pair a floating stone countertop with an invisible bracket to create a beautiful focal point.

Pot-filler vs. Extra Sink

Pot-fillers are pretty and convenient. Know what isn’t convenient? Redoing the water lines. Kitchen remodels are at their most expensive when you start tearing down walls and switching up plumbing. Avoid that hassle and expense. Instead, consider a second sink. A second sink allows that helper to do dishes, fill cups, and prep veggies without getting in the cook’s way. Who doesn’t love extra help in the kitchen?

Trendy Finish vs. Paneled Side

Cabinets add storage and style to your kitchen. When selecting new or renovating existing cabinets, go for quality over trend. Keep in mind that a mediocre cabinet can look high-end with the right touches. Conversely, a pricey cabinet quickly becomes dated if it’s finished with a trend like crackle paint. Choose classic stained or painted finishes. If you want to give your existing cabinets a facelift, install wood panels on any exposed sides. This makes ordinary cabinets look like custom furniture pieces.

Don’t let information overload take over your kitchen remodel. Splurge smart, and have the kitchen of your dreams!