kitchen remodel tradeoffs

Kitchen Remodel Tradeoffs

There are a select few people in this world who have truly unlimited resources at their fingertips. Those people don’t mess with remodeling their kitchens. They just buy a new house. If you’re one of those few, congratulations. But chances are you’re one of the regular folks, and your kitchen remodel has a budget. How do you get the most for your money, not only in terms of quality but also personal satisfaction? Often the difference between being happy or frustrated lies in knowing where to spend and where to save.

1. Layout

In the initial stages of planning your kitchen remodel, think through how you actually use your kitchen. What is its function on a normal Tuesday? What about on Christmas Eve? If you’ve got four kids in high school and you love to entertain, it’s a good idea to invest in a quality dishwasher, wider fridge, and larger stovetop. If you’re single, save that money for something more practical for your lifestyle.

2. Aesthetics

For a home chef, the function and quality of appliances and layout are paramount. You can overlook the countertop or drawer pulls, but you can’t enjoy cooking in a space that doesn’t flow with tools that don’t work. On the other hand, for the bachelor who east mostly takeout and ramen, aesthetics are more important. He doesn’t need a high dollar range, so he can put his money toward a gorgeous stone countertop or glass backsplash.

3. Value

Okay, so you can’t afford the best of everything. How do you decide where to invest? Ask yourself what matters most in your everyday life. What drives you crazy in your present kitchen? How much will it add to your resale value? If you run a cupcake business on the side, double wall ovens are worth the investment. If your kids have homework and books spread all across the table while you’re trying to get dinner ready, install an island or a breakfast bar. Our Victory Bracket will give them plenty of leg room to work without being in your way!

4. Personality

We all have strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Design your kitchen around the qualities you have, not the qualities you wish you had. If you’re a klutz who enjoys red wine, Carrera marble may not be the countertop for you. If your kids have frequent drops and spills, go with a luxury vinyl or high-quality laminate flooring rather than tile or hardwood.

Most of us can’t have everything we’ve ever wanted, but learning to make the right tradeoffs during your kitchen remodel will ensure you’re happy with your kitchen for years to come!