Why a Kitchen Island is a Must-Have Feature

One of the most popular kitchen trends since the 1970s—the kitchen island—is still going strong. Featured in every cooking show, home design magazine, and DIY blog, it seems the kitchen island is more popular than ever. And the kitchen island has much more going for it than popularity!Why a Kitchen Island is a Must-Have Feature

Personal Style

One of the beauties of the kitchen island is contained within its name—island! A free-standing addition to your kitchen. That opens up a world of possibilities for style and design! Do you want your island’s style to fit seamlessly into the rest of your kitchen? No problem. Maybe you prefer to use the island as a statement piece with contrasting colors and hardware! Perfect. Some homeowners love a floating countertop with invisible brackets, while others gravitate toward a more traditional look. When it comes to the island, you’re free to express yourself.

Extra Storage

A good kitchen island offers more than just another work surface. Homeowners commonly choose to have them fitted with extra cabinets and appliances. Deep-bottomed drawers and pantry cabinets are popular storage features, and the list of possible appliances is endless! If you love to entertain, consider installing a second oven and a warming drawer or a wine fridge. A kitchen island means more room for what’s important to you.


When someone says “kitchen island” many of us imagine the pristine look of marble or granite floating countertops, but those aren’t the only countertop options. Reclaimed barn wood, butcher block, concrete, and pressed tin are just a few of the materials available for your design preferences. Any of these island countertop materials would work well with hidden brackets for a floating countertop. If you’re short on space or you live in an older home, there are options for you too! Islands come on wheels, in all different sizes.

The kitchen island has become the center for food prep, entertainment, homework, and much more. With countless options for customization, there’s an island style right for every kitchen design. Much more than a trend, a kitchen island is truly a must-have feature for a modern kitchen!