Kitchen Countertop Design Tips

“I wish I’d thought of that” — the lament of the homeowner who’s looking at their remodel in hindsight. In the world of countertops, there are as many ideas as there are people. It’s impossible to conceive every possible countertop design option, but we at Steel Design Solutions want to make sure that you don’t have to regret your choice.Kitchen Countertop Design Tips

Average Countertop Height

Countertops have an industry standard height of 36”. There is, however, no industry standard for human beings. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments! If you’re 7’ tall, of course preparing food at a 3’ workstation will be difficult! When you’re ready to sell a buyer may be overwhelmed at the prospect of changing every countertop, so be strategic. Consider a custom kitchen island instead. Use it for food prep, entertaining, and even extra seating if you add a floating countertop. Our Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket makes installation a breeze!

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Countertop Material Options

Everyone knows about marble and granite. The combination of strength and beauty create their lasting appeal. There are many beautiful options out there, but you don’t have to choose just one! The kitchen island is the perfect outlet for your personal expression. Go with marble or granite on the other countertops for resale value, and switch up the island. Butcher block for a warm and functional work surface; recycled glass for an eco-friendly pop of color!

The most important aspect of any countertop design is your personal satisfaction. Resale value, maintenance, and price are all things to consider, but at the end of the day, you have to love your countertops. At Steel Design Solutions we hope to make that goal a little easier to reach.