Imagine your kitchen …

Life is made up of a few important moments—marriage, children, and the purchase of a home, to name a few. The events themselves don’t take much time. We live mostly in the anticipation and impact of them. When preparing for the next big thing, all of us look toward the future and imagine how it will be. We tend to see ourselves only in the perfect, happy moments. As you plan for your kitchen remodel, allow us to suggest a different approach.imagine your kitchen remodel

Imagine your kitchen…

In Summertime

Can you see yourself, barefooted on your cool tile floors, mixing up a smoothie or a frozen margarita? Nice, huh? But what about when the dog comes barreling through after a thunderstorm, splattering mud and water everywhere? Make sure the cabinets you’ve chosen hold up to a good scrubbing. When the fourth of July rolls around, can your range hood handle grill smoke and greasy fingerprints? Life is messy, especially in the kitchen. Choose your materials with messes in mind.

In Wintertime

Perhaps you dream of a quaint sitting area in your kitchen. It’ll be perfect for sipping your coffee and snuggling up on a snowy winter’s morn. But what about when the blizzard comes? Will your cute little nook turn into a huge pile of winter coats? Will you trip over your overstuffed chair trying to get all the groceries in one trip? And then there are the floors. Maybe they’re gorgeous tile or practical luxury vinyl, but how will they hold up to the mud, salt, and snow that clings to winter boots?

In Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. You can see your family gathered around the table for a picturesque holiday meal. Everyone is smiling, and there’s no trace of stress. Now imagine preparing that perfect meal. Think about four pots on the stove, a turkey baking at 400 degrees, and three generations getting drinks and sampling food all at the same time. Is someone going to bump a pot as they squeeze by? Make sure to plan for extra-wide walkways. Will your countertops burn, mark, or scuff in the high-heat, high-traffic moments? Will everyone be able to sit comfortably around the island? If not, consider creating a floating countertop for extra leg room.

Life is full of messy, stressful, wonderful moments. As long as you’ve prepared for the mess and stress, you’ll only remember the wonderful.