Home Resale Tips: The Bathroom Remodel

It’s no secret that people care about kitchens and bathrooms when it’s time to buy a home. That’s why even small remodels in the kitchen or bathroom can mean big bucks when it comes to your home’s resale value.Bathroom Remodel Tips for Resale

Whether you’re actively seeking to sell your home or you’re just planning ahead, here are a few points to consider before taking on a bathroom remodel.

Don’t Over-Do it

For any homeowner, the temptation during a remodel is to incorporate every wonderful feature that’s in the “Dream Home” file of your brain. A rain shower, a floating vanity, a huge soaker tub, and the list goes on. Remember, the reason for the remodel is resale. Your dream bathroom will quickly become a nightmare if, after resale, all you’ve done is recoup your losses.

Talk to the Pros

The real estate pros, that is. Find out what is popular in your neighborhood, for your price range. You want to edge out the competition, but you don’t want to be so fancy that the buyers coming to your area can’t afford your house. You may even discover that a total renovation is unnecessary! Maybe a new toilet, some fresh paint, and invisible brackets for that countertop are all you need. A real estate agent can give concrete information that will help you decide which changes are most important.

Make It Count

Some of us fall into the trap of the dream bathroom. Others, however, fall off the horse the other way. Penny pinchers may have a hard time making any changes at all, even the profitable ones. If that’s you, think in terms of what must be done. If you’re replacing the flooring no matter what, then spring for a heating element. Repainting? Update the light fixtures since you’ve gotta take the old ones down anyway. These changes won’t increase expenses too much, and the pay off will be huge.

Bathroom remodels don’t have to be overwhelming. Take your time, ask for help where you need it, and enjoy the profits come resale time!