5 Kitchens That Prove Dark Colors Can Work

When it comes to kitchens, everyone agrees that they should feel open and well-lit. As a result, we’re all a bit intimidated by the bold use of dark colors in the kitchen. But if you’re secretly bored with pastels and whites, we have good news! These five dark kitchens are sure to eradicate your fear of dark colors.

1. This smoky galley

The cool slate cabinets paired with the warm wood floors create a bold statement without being overbearing. We’re big fans of the narrow island — just enough space for your favorite little kitchen assistant to sit at the floating countertop.

2. This black beauty

If you find your style is somewhere between traditional and modern, this design is perfect for you. The shaker cabinets and marble countertops are traditional elements, while the color choice brings a modern flair. Black and white have always been a classic combination, and this kitchen is no different.

3. This modern masterpiece

The natural elements brought in by the flooring and windows so beautifully contrast the stone backsplash and vent hood. If you’re designing your kitchen from scratch, why not design a work of art as well as a functional space?

4. This chocolate sandwich (yum!)

Paneling was definitely overdone in the 70s, but we’re not mad at this paneled ceiling! Any kitchen design that pairs browns and creams well enough to have you craving a delicious s’more is a kitchen where you want to cook.

5. These flat-black appliances

Black is as classy as it gets, but it can feel ominous and overwhelming if it’s used over too much surface area. These appliances, however, are the perfect finishing touch for this transitional kitchen.

Whatever your kitchen style, don’t be afraid of using dark colors. As these gorgeous kitchens have proven, dark kitchens can still feel open and well-lit.