A Few of Our Favorite Blue Kitchens

Black and white are the true classics, of course. Nobody is messing with those. But standing head and shoulder above the other colors is blue—the color of everything clean, cool, and classy. And right now, blue kitchens are a hot trend! Here’s a few of our favorite blue kitchens.

1. This twist on tuxedo cabinets

An all-white scheme is certainly beautiful, but the addition of this navy adds some much needed flavor to this kitchen! With this color scheme, the choice of hardware greatly impacts the kitchen’s overall feel. The gold used here gives the blue kitchen a traditional air, while brushed nickel hardware would look more modern.

2. This cobalt mega-island

Boasting a whopping five barstools and a gorgeous cobalt shade, this island is perfect for holiday entertaining! You can’t go wrong with a classic shade like cobalt—it will always be in style.

3. This oceanic backsplash!

Can’t get away from your love of white cabinets? Incorporate blue tile in your backsplash! This blue kitchen makes us feel the ocean breeze in our hair!

4. This distressed denim vibe

The worn, antique look makes this blue kitchen feel extra homey. Don’t you want to pull a mug out of these lovely cabinets and get cozy?

At Steel Design Solutions, we’re all about making it easy for you to have the design you love. No matter what color you go with, make sure to enjoy your kitchen this holiday season!