DIY Kitchen Remodels: Five Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Feeling that DIY itch again? Whether you’re ripping out the walls altogether, or just hitting them with a fresh coat of paint, here’s what you should know before getting started on a DIY kitchen remodel.DIY Kitchen Remodels

Your Timeline Is Off

The thing about doing things yourself is that YOU have to do them. That’s great for saving money, but not so great for saving time. Not only are you doing your own remodel, you’re also paying the bills, picking up groceries, and hauling the kids to soccer practice. Life happens, and remodels will take longer than you think. Make an overly-generous estimate of how much time it will take to complete your project. Then double it.

Your Space Won’t Always Fit Your Taste

You may love the look of a big island with a floating countertop and invisible brackets (who doesn’t?). But if you have a galley kitchen, that doesn’t work for you. Maybe you drool every time you see cabinets with pristine open shelving, but if you’re inundated with plastic superhero cups, open shelving doesn’t fit your needs. Do what you can to have what you like, but be realistic in your expectations.

Saving Money Doesn’t Mean Cutting Corners

Unless you just crave the sensation of drywall dust permanently implanted in your sinuses, you’re probably drawn to DIY remodels for the money they save. We’re with you. But be careful. If you let saving money come before quality work, you’re in trouble. Most people can figure out demo, paint, and trim with few mishaps. However, when it comes to electricity and plumbing, don’t rely on Google and YouTube. Get help from a pro.

Your Home Is All Connected

Sure, you’re only remodeling one room—the kitchen. But while your cabinets are being painted, where do you keep your cereal boxes? The overflow from a kitchen remodel may extend throughout your house. Plan to spend more than usual on takeout and movie rentals until your kitchen is usable again.

It’s Gonna Be Worth It

A beautiful kitchen is to your home what a made bed is to your bedroom: it makes everything else look and feel better. The new kitchen will make the rest of your home feel fresh and new as well. The extra time, the agonizing decisions, and the countless meals eaten on the living room floor will all be worth it!

We’re behind you, DIYer! Roll up your sleeves and achieve your kitchen dreams.