4 Ways to Ruin A Kitchen Design

You’re designing or redesigning a kitchen! Fantastic. We want your design to translate from your imagination to reality as smoothly as possible. So to help you out, we came up with a list of common kitchen design mistakes you should avoid.Common Kitchen Design Mistakes, 4 Ways to Ruin A Kitchen Design

Forget About Appliances

The modern kitchen simply cannot function without proper appliances. Waiting to select them until the last minute is a sure fire way to ruin your design. Imagine that at the end of your project—when the cabinets are perfect, the hardware is shiny, and you’ve finally decided on stainless steel—the fridge doesn’t fit into its spot.

Scrimp On Counter Space

The kitchen is more than the social center of the home, it’s often the center for work. First and foremost, your countertop is a work surface. You need plenty of room for meal prep and serving. Your countertop may be the permanent storage place for smaller appliances like the toaster or the coffee maker. You don’t want those appliances cramping your workspace. If you’re designing with entertainment in mind, consider a floating countertop. In addition to extra seating space, invisible brackets create a modern aesthetic.

Ignore The Triangle

Layout matters. Your sink, fridge, and stovetop should form a triangle for convenient workflow. That reclaimed wood paneling on your fridge door loses its luster if it opens into the wall. Each point of the triangle—sink, fridge, and stove—must be open to the room. As you’re making plans, imagine how you would cook dinner. Are dishes transferred seamlessly from sink to dishwasher? Can another member of the household comfortably get a soda from the fridge while you’re cooking at the stove?

Overlook the Details

Once you’ve made the big design decisions it’s time to go back with a fine tooth comb. Details like electrical sockets, in-cabinet storage, and under-cabinet lighting make a huge difference. Think about daily life in the kitchen. On any given weekday there might be a blender whirring, a coffee maker brewing, and two kids doing homework assignments. Consider invisible countertop brackets to maximize knee space for the kids, extra outlets for everything that needs a plug, and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate each task.

Be careful to avoid these four common kitchen design mistakes, and you will enjoy a beautiful, functional kitchen!