The Four C’s of a Cheap Kitchen Update

Spring cleaning is upon us, and with it, tax season. Chances are, getting up close and personal with all your kitchen’s dirty little secrets has you itching for a fresh new look. Unfortunately, the average tax refund isn’t enough to finance a full kitchen renovation. So, how can you get maximum freshness for minimum cost? Remember the four C’s of a cheap kitchen update.Cheap Kitchen Update Tips


Your cabinets can look brand new—as if they were custom made for your kitchen—without the high price. The simplest and most affordable option is to replace all your hardware. A new set of pulls on an old set of cabinets does wonders! Not quite enough for you? If you’ve got the time and inclination, repaint them! It’s a fun and cheap kitchen update. Chalk paint is a low maintenance option for those who don’t want to prime or sand. Finally, if painting seems like too big a job, order custom doors. Ordering only the doors saves you mega bucks, but your cabinets will still look fantastic!


Replacing the countertops can get expensive, not to mention messy. As long as you don’t absolutely hate the finish, hang on to your existing countertops. If you’ve got granite or marble in your kitchen, it may be time to reseal. Soapstone is easily sanded to buff out nicks and scratches. If your countertop needs an update, replace those corbels with invisible countertop brackets for a more modern look!


Outdated light fixtures will make the whole kitchen look outdated. Fortunately, updating an old chandelier or two is a breeze. Remove the fixture and use spray paint to cover up that ugly brass finish. Once it’s dry, replace the boring candelabra bulbs with something eye-catching, like globe or Edison bulbs.


A fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea! Now that your cabinets are looking so fancy, why not paint the wall behind them? A bold accent shade will really make them pop! But paint is not the only way to bring color to your kitchen. Look at your small appliances, like the blender and the toaster, as colorful accessories. You can replace them all in one shade to create one thematic accent, or let each one make its own statement with different shades!

However you choose to gussy up your kitchen this spring, we hope you have fun with it!