Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket and Victory Bracket Now Available Online from Lowe’s

Lowe'sWe are happy to announce that the patented Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket and new Victory Bracket are now available online from Lowe’s.

“We are excited to be working with Lowe’s,” says Steel Design Solutions President Jarod Turner. “The combination of our brackest and their wide range of products will make projects more efficient for DIYers and developers alike.”

Entering the world of countertop brackets in mid-2015, the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket stands head and shoulders above the competition. The bracket holds up under even the heaviest countertop materials because of its unique adjustable design. The adjustability feature provides constant upward force to the end of the countertop and eliminates the need for shims.

A newcomer to the countertop bracket market, the Victory Bracket is a multi-functional L-bracket that can be mounted either inside or outside the cabinet wall. The bracket’s unique ribbed design provides strength that exceeds that of bulkier, more expensive brackets.

Based in South Florida, Steel Design Solutions is committed to American innovation. All of their brackets are designed and manufactured in the USA, so that American contractors and DIYers can have dependable countertop hardware at an affordable price.

In 1946, Lowe’s got its start as a small-town hardware store in North Carolina. By dealing directly with manufacturers, Lowe’s gained their reputation for quality products and affordable prices. Today, as the second largest home improvement retailer worldwide, Lowe’s remains committed to superior quality and excellent customer service.