Beyond Countertops & Shelves: Other Applications for Our Support Brackets

Steel Design Solutions set out to do one thing—create the most reliable countertop and shelving support brackets on the market. But don’t make the mistake of writing us off just because you have all your countertops and shelves taken care of already! You may need one more than you realize because our support brackets are perfect for several applications throughout your brackets for bar tops

Bar Tops

For a home bar for the budding mixologist, a breakfast nook for the kiddies, or a poolside cabana for fun in the sun, a bar top is a wonderful addition to any home or restaurant. Whether your design is indoors or outdoors, our powder-coated brackets can do the job! For best results pair a bar top project with the Victory Bracket, Standard Hidden Bracket, or Floating Surface Adjustable brackets for floating bathroom vanities

Floating Vanities

To take your bathroom from functional to artful, there’s no better feature than a floating vanity. They add a spa-like feel to any bathroom, and up the wow factor! Use wire baskets or bins underneath the vanity for added storage, or leave the space free for a more peaceful aesthetic. We recommend theVictory Bracket, Standard Hidden Bracket, or Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket for floating vanity brackets for shower benches

Shower Benches

You already want shelves in your shower to hold toiletries and hygiene products. Why not take it one step farther and add benches? A shower bench is perfect for any time you’re sick, injured, or just in the mood to pamper yourself. Our brackets provide the strongest support and will remain free of corrosion even in the most humid environments. The Victory Bracket and Standard Hidden Bracket are best for shower brackets for floating tables

Floating Tables

For space-saving seating in the kitchen or a cutting-edge aesthetic in the dining room, wall-mounted floating tables are the way to go. They are a unique, eye-catching feature in any home or restaurant. The Victory Bracket and Standard Hidden Bracket are best for this application.

So, who needs a bracket from Steel Design Solutions? Maybe you do!