Top Bathroom Trends for 2017

bathroom trendsWhile the kitchen is the heart of the home, the master bathroom is a place of retreat and relaxation. A host of new ideas are on the rise in 2017. Here are a few of our favorite bathroom trends:

Walk-in Showers

Honestly, people just don’t use tubs the way they used to. A walk-in shower looks and feels cleaner, and adds a level of convenience that’s hard to find in a tub. Tiled walls and multiple shower heads add a spa-like feel, and they are easy to clean! If you’re remodeling with future changes in mind, consider making your walk-in shower curbless. This not only looks great, but provides easy access for wheelchairs, clumsy toddlers, and even the family pet!

Storage Solutions

Open shelving has become a popular trend for both kitchen and bathroom renovations. In addition to its soothing aesthetic, open shelving is a practical way to celebrate your best towels and decor. Of course, you’ll still want a place to store the rubber ducky and antibiotic ointment, so be sure to include beautiful cabinetry. The bathroom isn’t known for being the biggest room in the house, so make use of vertical space and take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling!

Floating Vanities

The bathroom vanity is no longer just a big cabinet to hold your sink and extra toilet paper—it’s a piece of art! Throw the toothpaste and hair dryer in your closed cabinetry and install a floating vanity. They are customizable not only in material and finish but also height. This makes them popular not only for their looks but their convenience!


Bathroom-specific technology has made in-shower speakers an option for the everyman. Get the most out of your morning routine by catching up on the lecture you missed while you brush your teeth! Or, for less hectic moments, take your shower karaoke to the next level. In-shower speakers add to the luxury and efficiency of your space.

Your master bath is more than just a necessity. Let these top bathroom trends make it a luxury!