Kitchen Remodels that Won’t Break the Bank

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Kitchen remodels are stressful enough without having to get a second job to pay the bill. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a full kitchen remodel is around $20,000. Sure, there are days you want to give your kitchen a face lift, but you just can’t get on board with that price tag. Fortunately, there’s a better way—better for your kitchen, and your pocketbook.Kitchen Remodels that Won't Break the Bank


When gearing up for kitchen remodels, many people hire a general contractor. The homeowner discusses their plans and design vision with the GC, and they hire sub-contractors to get it done. If you can’t even think about a household project without breaking something, then you need a general contractor. On the other hand, if you can swing a hammer and wield a paintbrush without incident, be your own general contractor and save the money. Hire your own sub-contractors when it comes time for plumbing and electrical work.


The biggest bite of your remodel budget is going to be eaten up by materials. Of those materials, cabinets can be the most expensive. This is especially true if you go with hardwood. Rather than buying brand new cabinets, consider what a fresh coat of paint and brand new knobs might do for the existing ones. If they are beyond hope, shop faithfully for the best price and do the installation yourself.


Laminate is usually the cheapest option for countertop surfaces. The drawback is that it often looks cheaper than we’d like. If that’s you, then consider butcher block as another affordable option. If you saved some money on your cabinets, consider turning your kitchen island into a floating countertop. Swap out those unsightly corbels for more modern invisible brackets.


If your faucets and cabinet knobs are rusted, loose, or leaking, then spring for new ones. However, if you’re simply tired of the brassy finish or the style is outdated, then consider spray paint. Use an oil-rubbed bronze or a brushed nickel finish, and see if it doesn’t transform those ugly fixtures.
The function of your home should never be sacrificed to save a buck. However, the more bucks saved by doing your own work or shopping for deep discounts, the more you have to pour into your home for years to come!