7 Reasons to Add the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket to Your Product Listing

Choosing the right product to carry at your shop, display on your website, or store in your warehouse can be a make or break decision. The last thing you want is something that sits on your shelves or doesn’t resonate with your customers. You want to make money and to do that you need to partner with the right vendors.

At Steel Design Solutions, we value our vendor and wholesaler relationships just as much as we value our customer relationships. Making your customers happy is what makes our customers happy.

So what’s in it for you? A lot. Here are all the reasons you should add our product – the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket – to your website, product listing, or retail location:

Our Patented Product Offers Support that Other Counter Brackets Can’t Provide

The reason our countertop bracket is so different from other types of brackets is because of the patented technology that creates upward force on the far end of the countertop or shelf. This means that as the bracket provides traditional passive support (holding the countertop in place), it also provides active support that makes countertops stronger and sturdier. For customers, this means they get the safest option available.

The Lowest Profile Brackets on the Market

The same technology that provides upward force also enables us to use less steel than competing counter and shelf brackets. This means that our brackets are truly the lowest profile brackets you can find, providing customers with the maximum amount of knee space and a virtually invisible support system.

Easy Installation Eliminates the Need for Shims

Because of the brackets’ adjustability, there is no need to add shims to ensure your counter or shelf is level. This not only saves precious time during the installation process, but also makes installation easier.

Our Consumer Base Spans Multiple Markets

With installation simplified, the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket is perfect for DIY projects as well as professional jobs. This means our customer base spans from homeowners and landlords to contractors, designers, and massive retailers.

We Offer Special Pricing for Wholesalers

Our standard brackets are priced for the end user, but we offer substantial discounts for wholesalers that purchase the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket with the intent to resell to consumers or use in greater quantities for large scale projects. You can get our special wholesale pricing by contacting us.

We Will Drop Ship Straight to Your Customers

For retailers that intend to resell the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket to customers, but don’t have the capacity to hold the brackets in inventory, we offer the option of drop shipping each order to your customers per your specifications. For details on drop shipping partnerships, please contact us.

Customer Service is Our Top Priority – For You and Your Customers

We’re a small, family-owned business that knows the name of each and every one of our partners. You will never have trouble reaching us, nor will your customers. We are available to answer questions, assist with installations, and meet to discuss details of our product. We are not happy unless you are happy.


We want to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! We know each and every business has their own needs and we want to discuss them with you. You can reach us at any time by calling 540-353-5003 or emailing info@steeldesignsolutions.com.