How to Add Color to an All-White Kitchen

white kitchen, how to add colorWhite kitchens are all the rage! We have to admit, they’re quite striking. If you’re looking to introduce some eye-catching variety, here’s what we suggest:

  • Scoot some brightly colored barstools under your pristine floating countertops! Choose a bold shade like pumpkin orange, and go with invisible brackets for a polished look.
  • New backsplash! Those subway tiles have served their purpose. Take ‘em down and make room for something brighter like emerald porcelain or herringbone pattern. If bold colors or intricate patterns are a bit much for you in a backsplash, consider a neutral tile and use colored grout!
  • If flashy accent walls and neon barstools aren’t your thing, draw in some color the natural way! Cultivate an herb garden in your kitchen window, or teach a philodendron to climb up the side of your cabinet. Orchids are a wonderful option if your thumb isn’t particularly green. They bring maximum color with minimum care required!
  • Few of us can pull off entirely open shelving. There are just too many plastic cups and commemorative beer glasses in our collection. Fortunately, most of us own some pieces that are worthy of display! For a pop of color in your white kitchen cabinets, remove the doors and paint the inside with the color of your choice. Fill it with your best and shiniest dishes to get your open-shelving fix!
  • For extra color in your dining area, choose a new area rug to go under your table and chairs. Deep, jewel tones look beautiful under any dining set. Whatever color you choose, make sure it will conceal any stains and vacuum easily!
  • For those looking to really shake things up, consider a new countertop for your kitchen island! Replacing only the island countertop will save money and ensure that you maintain your classic all-white kitchen theme. With finishes available in almost every color—like red quartz and blue marble—your options are unlimited! Add some hidden brackets and white barstools to get our first colorful look in reverse!

Enjoy your kitchen, and stay colorful!