5 Tips to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Suffering from a lack of kitchen space? You’re not alone. Inadequate space is one of the most common kitchen complaints. But before you grab a sledgehammer and start removing walls, consider how efficiently space is being used. You might not need extra square footage once you maximize space with these tips.5 Tips to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Make your furniture do double duty

If bench seating would work at your kitchen table, consider building or investing in benches with built-in storage. Use the under-the-seat space to store seldom used items like serving platters and punch bowls or kitchen linens. If Fido’s food bowl is in the kitchen as well, a raised feeding station with food storage can help free up some space.

Add seating space with floating countertops

Replacing outdated, space-eating corbels with sleek hidden brackets will free up room under the countertop. The added legroom will let your countertop serve as a comfortable dining area. Plus, chairs or stools can be pushed in further, which will make it the kitchen more maneuverable. No, you won’t even need to hire a professional. Check out our post on how to create a DIY floating countertop with the Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket.

Utilize every bit of existing cabinet space

Adding more cabinets isn’t always the solution for gaining storage space. Are you utilizing every bit of cabinet space now? Most of us aren’t. Try adding some stackable cabinet shelves for multi-tier storage. It’s a safer alternative to precariously stacked cans or dishes, plus you’ll be able to get to things you need easier.

Additional storage can also be mounted on the inside of the doors. If your cabinets are deep enough, try combining Command Strips and a magazine file for a neat way to hold foil, parchment paper, and plastic wrap.

And don’t forget the space above the cabinets

Often times, the tops of kitchen cabinets hold nothing more than dust. However, with the help of a step stool, the gap between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling can be used for storage. It’s an out-of-the-way spot for housing cookbooks and infrequently used countertop appliances. No china cabinet? No problem! Pick up some plate stands and display your fancy dishes above the kitchen cabinets — storage and decoration in one.

Go vertical

Is there empty wall space in your kitchen? If so, start taking advantage of it! Add floating shelves for additional storage or consider hanging pots and pans or even frequently used utensils to free up cabinet and drawer space. Instead of having a spice rack on your countertop, mount a hanging one near the stove for easy access while cooking. Spices can also be stored in magnetic containers on the stove hood or on the refrigerator.

A small kitchen can be a headache, but implementing some of these tips to maximize space can make it feel a little roomier. Maximizing the existing square footage is much easier — not to mention cheaper — than adding more. No sledgehammer required.