5 Shelving Projects we Love

Tackling a shelving project can be intimidating. Do you have the right supports? Will it hold what you want to store or display? Once you have it on the wall, you worry you didn’t do it just perfectly and the whole lovely display is destined to one day come crashing down. It doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you’re out for something decorative to hold picture frames, or you need a workhorse built to hold piles of dishes and books, we’ve got the ideas (and the bracket) you need!

Sian Baxter Lighting Design

1. Cozy Modern Bedroom

These shelves are the perfect blend of function and art. The under-mount lighting and free-form display of these shelves make them truly stand out!

Lucy McLintic, Four Walls and a Roof

2. Airy Kitchen

You always want security and support from your shelving, but no place more than in the kitchen! Be sure your dishes stay beautiful and crack-free by installing more shelves than you actually need. This creates a clean, fresh aesthetic and frees your shelves from excess weight.

Dupuis-Design Corp

3. Neon Nursery

If there’s any room in your house where you might need extra storage, it’s the nursery. I mean, where did all those toys even come from? Shelving it the perfect solution for this. Not only will the toys look far better on a shelf than they do on the floor, but they will be out of Junior’s immediate reach! No more putting toys in the box only to have them dumped out a moment later!

Design by Imbue Design
Photo by: Lucy Call

4. Inviting Bookshelves

We love everything about these shelves. The off-set design, the creative arrangement of books and knickknacks, and the low-key color coordination. Why buy a run of the mill bookcase when you could have a one of a kind display?

R|House Design Build

5. Pristine Bathroom

In addition to being the perfect place for a candle, shelving in the bathroom helps to keep your vanity clean and clutter-free. We love the contrast of black shelving against a neutral backdrop!

Whatever your shelving project, we know what you want it to be: simple, beautiful, and secure. Our new Townely Bracket delivers on all three! With the Townley Bracket, you can approach every shelving project with confidence!