5 Reasons to Turn Your Kitchen Island into a Floating Countertop

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, then you’re not alone!  Thousands of these projects happen every year, and for a good reason.  An updated kitchen is one of the best upgrades you can make to your home, both to resell and for your own quality of life.  It’s the heart of the home! You want it to be beautiful, functional, and inviting.

If there’s one part of the kitchen that stands out the most, without a doubt it’s the island. Not only is it the center of the room, but it’s also where all the action happens.  It’s where your family gathers, where you cook your food, and where you display your latest centerpiece.

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re adding or remodeling a kitchen island.  What materials will you use? Will it be stationary or movable? Highly functional or purely decorative?

And, of course, should you opt for a floating countertop as part of your new kitchen island?

For us, the answer is a definite yes. Not only are these designs stunning, but they’re also highly functional.  If you’re on the fence, consider these reasons for choosing a floating countertop:

5 Reasons to Turn Your Kitchen Island into a Floating Countertop

The Look

It’s hard to not be blown away by the look of a floating countertop. Not only are many true architectural feats, but they also give you an opportunity to showcase breath-taking pieces of granite, marble, reclaimed wood, and countless other materials.  It’s like having a larger-than-life work of art in the center of your kitchen!

Additional Seating Space

For some people, a floating countertop is an incredible solution for a small home that may not be able to fit a kitchen table, or any table for that matter.  And even for those that have a dedicated dining area, sitting at the kitchen island is a great way to have quick and easy meals that require less cleanup and less formality.

A Way to Pull People into the Kitchen

Whether you have guests coming over or just another night at home with the family, the kitchen is typically the room that gets the most amount of traffic.  With the versatility of a floating countertop, you’re making it easier for your friends and family to join you in the kitchen and socialize.  Not only do they have a place to sit, but you can face them while you work and cook.  Floating countertops are one of the best ways to add natural flow to your kitchen, which is something that can otherwise be very hard to achieve.

More Counter Space for Working & Cooking

It’s impossible to have too much counter space.  No matter what size your kitchen is, counter space is a hot commodity. A floating countertop can actually double the amount of space you have available and not just for cooking, but also for working.  This means more people can help to prepare meals, homework can be completed, bills paid, and projects completed.

Open Storage

Extra space for seating may be one of the most popular uses for a kitchen island, but it is certainly not the only one.  The extra space opened up under the counter can be used as open storage to display keepsakes and vases, or for more functional uses like housing a trash can or pet dishes. With open storage, your options are really only limited to what your mind can think up!

When all is said and done, a floating countertop could be the best investment you make for both your home’s value and your quality of life.  It’s a win-win all around!

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