5 Bathrooms That Are The Perfect Escape

A bathroom is so much more than a room of necessity. Done well, it can restore your mind just as it does your body. Take a look at some of our favorite bathrooms and prepare to shed the stress!

1. This whitewashed bliss with a touch of old-world charm

The clean-lined vanity paired with curved accents is the perfect marriage of new and old! This bathroom’s charm is in the subtle details — like tile pattern matching the lamps.

2. This buttery elegance:

Gold light fixtures + warm neutral palette = royal win! Metallics don’t have to be gaudy and loud. Used sparingly, they add just the right touch of elegance.

3. This master of master baths:

This transitional space brings traditional cabinetry with modern stonework, and we are loving the rustic-modern results! The luxurious shower space feels extra-spacious thanks to the oversized subway tile and multiple shower heads.

4. This tropical diva:

Black and white with statement light fixtures? The perfect way to remind yourself of how bold and beautiful you really are! When it comes to wall art, sometimes bathrooms are left out. This beautiful space shows there’s no better place for a statement art piece!

5. This romantic serenity:

This beautiful soaker tub and curvy traditional light fixtures can’t wait to help you prepare for date night! Unique details like the checked tile and black baseboard add interest without overpowering the space.

With so many options, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. So what are you waiting for? Go build yourself a five-bathroom mansion!Five Bathrooms that are the Perfect Escape