4 Kitchen Bars We Love

One of the most useful, versatile, and desirable home features—the kitchen bar! Extra seating and space for dining make the kitchen bar the all-purpose entertaining tool. While they are certainly a popular feature, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Inspire your own style with these favorites from the Steel Design Solutions team.

1. This modern stage for the entertaining chef

If you love creating unique meals, a bar that curves around your range is an ideal choice. Our Floating Surface Adjustable Bracket allows maximum seating space, making it easy to include your guests in your creative process.

2. This bright breakfast bar

Mornings get mixed reviews. For some, it’s the most difficult part of the day. If that’s you, then a convenient place to guzzle your coffee is a must. For others, the morning is when they feel most alive. If that’s the case, you need a beautiful space to serve up your egg white omelettes.

3. This fan-shaped buffet

Weekends are for rest, recreation, and of course, brunch. This gorgeous bar is large enough to fit everybody’s favorite dish, and pull double duty as a kid’s table.

4. This giant green goddess

Don’t be afraid to explore color in your kitchen! Green is not usually considered one of the more subtle colors, but we love it for this kitchen island. Be bold with your color and size choices where space allows—this island allows for extra seating AND extra storage!

There are limitless options for your kitchen bar. Think through what you want most from your kitchen, and stick with it. We at Steel Design Solutions believe that your home—kitchen included—can be an expression of yourself.