4 Out-Of-The-Box Kitchen Islands

4 Out-Of-The-Box Kitchen Islands

Your kitchen island can be totally customizable! There’s no reason why they all have to be the same proportions, have the same features, or fit into the same spot. Here are a few of our favorite kitchen islands that are breaking all the rules!

1. This homey side-floating gem

Usually the floating countertop or bar portion of an island is on one of its long sides to accommodate more seating, but we’re loving this cozy two-seater action!

2. This two-toned stunner

Many of us struggle to fit into one style or another. Most people like a little old, a little new; a little zen, a little drama. With the clean marble, the base moulding, and the distressed panels, this island has it all!

3. This gorgeous double-header

Who says you have to settle for just one island? If you’ve got the space, why not have two? This beautiful white combo allows for plenty of extra prep space and a whopping six seating spaces!

4. This vibrant island duo

If you’re going bold with a countertop finish like this dazzling teal, why not double up on islands? The curved detail on the second island adds just the right note of elegance.

Get crazy and let it all hang out! Regardless how out-of-the box your kitchen island dreams are, we’ve got the right brackets to make them come true!