3 Reasons the Kitchen is Everybody’s Favorite Room

The kitchen, without a doubt, is the favorite room when it comes to renovation. An obvious reason for that is their popularity among buyers. Everyone wants to see the kitchen. Bonus points if yours has stainless steel and floating countertops! But what is it that makes a good kitchen more important than, say, an updated living room or a freshly redone master suite? Why all the fuss over the kitchen?3 Reasons the Kitchen is Everybody's Favorite Room

1. Usefulness

There are the Ina Gartens of the world who spend their days chopping home grown veggies and filleting freshly caught sea food on their custom granite countertops. But what about the rest of us? The truth is, whether you’re a seasoned chef or you’ve never even turned on an oven, everyone uses the kitchen. Even if you eat out almost exclusively, you’ll eventually want a fridge for the takeout leftovers. Kitchens are important to us, and important to the buyer, because we use them.

2. Sentiment

If you’ve looked into kitchen renovation for any length of time, you’ve heard some expert or other remark that the kitchen is the heart of the home. They say that because it’s true. Whether we’ve experienced it in childhood or observed it on TV, we know that people gather around food. A buyer may be indifferent to a floating countertop, but set a fresh baked apple pie on top of it, and you’ve tapped into something deeper. People want a good kitchen because, somewhere down deep, a good kitchen means a happy home.

3. Convenience

At first, the third reason people want a good kitchen may sound similar to the first, but don’t skip over this one. An old, dingy living room can usually be fixed with a little paint and some updated furniture. Almost every buyer can get behind doing that work themselves. On the other hand, an outdated, run down kitchen requires significantly more time, expertise, and money to remodel. Rarely will a buyer’s resources or creativity carry them that far. Offer your prospective buyers the convenience of a kitchen that is already functional and beautiful.

It is a well known fact that kitchen renovations are among the most valuable. Now that you’re armed with the psychology behind that fact, you can spend your time and energy on the best projects for you and your prospective buyer!