3 Extras For Your Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is no rookie in the world of kitchen design. It’s been considered a must-have since its beginning. No one is arguing its usefulness. But what’s the best way to expand its purpose beyond mere practical use? Try out these ideas to give your island the extra somethin’ somethin’ it needs.kitchen island extras

Extra Sink

Whether you use it for produce, pot-filling, or regular ole’ hand-washing, an extra sink in your kitchen will never do you wrong. When you’re entertaining large groups for holidays and celebrations, having an extra work station complete with a sink can be a life saver. You can pile dishes high in your main sink while scrubbing potatoes at the island. If the time for resale comes around, having an extra sink will set your kitchen above the rest.

Extra Seating

In smaller kitchens or homes without an open floor plan, an island may feel like just another thing to take up space. If that’s the case, choose an island with a small base, but extend the countertop to make a floating bar. Your island doesn’t need to be huge to still be beautiful and practical. A smaller island with a floating countertop provides you with more work space and extra seating to boot! With our brackets, installing that countertop has never been easier!

Extra Fridge

Anyone who’s ever had more than two people over for dinner knows the frustration of trying to get all your beverages into the fridge to chill. Soda for those who don’t drink, wine for those who do, juice for the kids… it’s a mess waiting to happen. If you’ve got the space in your kitchen, consider adding a wine fridge to your island. Keep all your beverages at the perfect temperature without the risk of explosion or spills.

We’re die-hard fans of the kitchen island, and we want to help you make yours the best it can be!