Three Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing something new is fun, there’s no question. But many times the beautiful bathroom design that seems perfect in our heads doesn’t translate to real life perfection. It happens to the best of us. Here are a few commonly made bathroom design mistakes.Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Make It Up As You Go

In other parts of your home—bedrooms, living rooms, even some kitchens—it’s not necessary to have every decision made up front. Changes are often as simple as a new chandelier or a different set of doorknobs. Not so in the bathroom. Your bathroom is likely one of the smallest rooms in the house, and every aspect of the design must fit together. Your layout must fit around your plumbing, your plumbing around your electrical, and so forth. Know exactly what you want before you begin the process, and you’ll save time, money, and stress.

Overlook Storage

A pedestal sink and ethereal open shelving look serene and tranquil at the spa. That’s because the spa doesn’t have a sack of plastic bath toys, a dead electric razor, and fifteen different hair products to conceal. And that’s just for you and yours! What about when grandma comes to town? Guests bring stuff. There’s nothing wrong with having a pedestal sink or an open shelving unit, just make sure that you have enough closed storage to contain your mess and leave room for your guests.

Over-Express Yourself

You have an entire house to paint with bright colors and decorate with garish accents. The bathroom is not the place for over-design. Think about it. The most hurried, chaotic, and clutter-filled moments of your day take place in your bathroom. You want the space to contain and calm that chaos, not add to it. That’s not to say it has to look like a department store bathroom. If you love bold walls, vibrant tile, or quirky light fixtures, that’s great. Just pick one of those elements to be the focus rather than incorporating all three.

Designing a fresh, new space is meant to be fun. Avoiding these three mistakes will let you enjoy both the bathroom design process and the finished product!