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2018 Bathroom Design Trends

A new year is a perfect time for some fresh new style. Fortunately, a bathroom update can be as comprehensive or minimal as your tastes and budget allow. Whether you’re doing a full overhaul or just swapping out a shower curtain and some accents, here’s a look at some 2018 bathroom design trends to inspire you.

1. Monochrome Color Schemes

Monochrome bathroom

Rusk Renovations (Contractor), Llewellyn Sinkler (Interior Designer)

Rather than agonizing over color palettes, just settle on one color you like. One paint strip in your color of choices will give you several different shades to use in decorating. Monochrome doesn’t have to mean boring!

2. Bold Colors

In an effort to escape the ‘70s, we’ve avoided anything too colorful for several years. But no more! Color is making a comeback in bathroom design! If you love statement colors, but you find the endless options overwhelming, zero in on a decor item or piece of clothing you like. Use those colors and patterns for your bathroom inspiration!

bold color in bathroom design

CCI Renovations

3. Floating Vanities

In past years it’s been all about the furniture vanity—a piece you inherited from your great aunt and made into a vanity. But not in 2018! This year is the year of the floating vanity. Modern and eye-catching, you can achieve this look easily with our line of hidden support brackets. In addition to supporting countertops, they’re ideal for floating vanities.

floating vanity, bathroom design

Turtle Beach Construction & Remodeling

4. Freestanding Tubs

The freestanding tub is here to stay and comes with more options than ever. If you hate the claw-foot look or your master bath doesn’t expand over half an acre of square footage, not to worry. Freestanding tubs are available for every style and floor plan. Go after your post-work soaking dreams!

freestanding tub

Pfuner Design

5. Stone Vessel Sinks

These warm, natural stone sinks draw nature into your bathroom. They are lovely against granite and natural stone countertops as well as furniture-style vanities. If you love one-of-a-kind, unpredictable features in your space, these sinks are for you!

stone vessel sink

Copper Leaf Interior Design Studio

However you choose to refresh your bathroom, we hope the new year inspires you to great heights of bathroom design!