2017 Kitchen Countertop Trends

It’s a new year, with new trends! Chances are, if you’ve set foot inside a kitchen in the last five years, you know that granite and marble are still popular kitchen countertop choices. While both of those materials are still great options, experts are saying they’ll have to share their popularity with a few newcomers!2017 Kitchen Countertop Trends


Paper composite may sound like an illogical choice for a countertop, but rest assured, this material can stand up to the task. Made from a mixture of paper, resin, and pigments, paper composite countertops provide a work surface that is both durable and eco-friendly. One of the more affordable options, this non-porous material is a wonderful choice for your new kitchen countertop.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is a major kitchen countertop trend for 2017. If you love to cook, you’ll love having a countertop that allows you to chop, cut, and dice directly on its surface! Butcher block comes in a wide variety of woods and is ideal for busy family life. For the perfect play and study spot, combine it with hidden brackets for a floating countertop and let your kids share their afternoon with you. Any scuffs or stains are easily removed with a little sanding and some mineral oil!

Colorful Tile

Bright colors are making a comeback in 2017! You can incorporate color into your kitchen by installing tile countertops. While tiles are a little more high maintenance, they make up for it in variety! Transform your kitchen into a Tuscan villa with terra-cotta tiles, or give it a modern face lift with jewel-toned ceramic. Ceramic tile, in particular, is an especially budget-friendly option.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is increasing in popularity due to its incredible durability and variety of colors. Heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistance makes it one of the most low-maintenance options available. Select a soft neutral to complement existing cabinetry and appliances, or go for a vivid hue to make a bold statement. Paired with hidden brackets, engineered stone is ideal for the modern floating countertop.

New trends will come and go, so make sure that your new kitchen countertop expresses your unique design tastes!